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Even though I used to be 'the Gadget Girl' on Discovery Channel, I've ALWAYS been 'the car girl'. In fact, I even race 'em. Now, I know what you're thinking - she's probably just rollin' around, white-knuckled at the back of the pack. No way! I'm tradin' paint with the big boys at the front. Took a few checkered too. And how many girls do you know who can rebuild a 350 small-block on a Sunday afternoon? That's why they call me 'short-track'...or gixxer-chick. I race 2-wheelers too. That GXSR-750 in my profile pic is my daily summer commuter. I like to go fast. Actually, my love of cars and gadgets has taken me around the world for Discovery Channel, CITY TV, TSN and other broadcasters and print media. So hopefully my experience with writin' & drivin' hauls more weight than a half-ton to my reviews. Enjoy the videos!
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Ford Transit Connect Video Car Review

7843 Views Uploaded 12 years ago

Shannon test drives the Ford Transit Connect and finds out that this mini cargo van means business!

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