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Hot Wheels: Custom Corvette Build Video At The V8 Speed and Resto Shop 1964 C2 Restomod

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We've all wanted a full-size version of our favorite Hot Wheels car, and this custom 1964 Chevrolet Corvette built at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop makes that dream come true! The restomod Corvette build features custom paint, performance suspension upgrades from Global West, new disc brakes, and a Holley Sniper EFI system install on the Edelbrock 350 crate engine. The main part of the project was repainting the Corvette restomod in custom colors. The goal was to give the overall appearance of a full-size Hot Wheels car, a car that is fun to look at and drive! Custom C2 Corvettes can be controversial, as changing a C2 Corvette from original can hurt it's collector car market value. However, this 1964 Corvette did not have it's original engine any longer, and the exterior and interior had been changed from their original colors as well. This allowed for some freedom of expression to build a custom Corvette with a new paint job all it's own. Repainting a Corvette requires a lot of steps to do the job properly, weather you want something custom or a stock Corvette repaint. CUSTOM CORVETTE BUILD PHOTO GALLERY https://v8speedshop.com/64Corvette This custom Corvette video features disassembling the corvette, repairing the fiberglass body, and a bit of Corvette C2 history. The V8 Speed and Resto Shop paint department repaints the Corvette in Ermine White, then lays out the 3 color custom stripe design. We mask off the stripes and custom paint the 'Vette in our downdraft Blowtherm paint booth, and spray a final clear coat. The Chevrolet Corvette is truly America's Sports Car, and we feel this custom C2 Corvette will excite any vintage sports car enthusiast. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/RIkdDS Once the Corvette is buffed and polished, we feature the car reassembled and completed with drone and driving footage. The V8 Speed and Resto Shop is as full service custom and muscle car restoration shop, complete with a full fabrication shop, body shop, paint shop, interior shop, and mechanical departments. We perform stock muscle car restorations and complete custom builds, so if you are wondering who can build your dream car, we can do it! Corvette LS Swaps, custom body mods, modern driveline swaps, custom interior, custom consoles, high quality custom paint, and dyno tuning are all available. Contact the V8 Speed and Resto Shop today to see how we can make your muscl car, custom, restomod, pro-touring, street rod, or performance truck build come to life! VIDEO CHAPTERS 00:00 Introduction 01:00 1964 Corvette Project Overview 02:13 1964 Corvette History and Design 03:20 1964 Corvette Global West Suspension 04:09 1964 Corvette Custom Stripe Design 05:42 1964 Corvette Fiberglass Repairs 08:13 1964 Corvette Custom Paint and Stripes 11:23 1964 Corvette Custom Painted 13:13 Matching Custom Hot Wheels Corvette 15:01 Contact the V8 Speed and Resto Shop CONTACT THE V8 SPEED AND RESTO SHOP 817 S. Main Street Red Bud, IL 62278 314.783.8325 https://www.v8speedshop.com/contact-us

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