Everything You Need To Know About Self Driving Vehicles

Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago
Unless you are living under a rock, you have probably already heard about self driving vehicles. A self-driving vehicle is one that essentially drives itself. Or, at least it does in certain circumstances. So, what do you need to know about this type of car? Let’s explore some of the key questions and give you some of the answers you need before you commit to purchasing one of these cars. 

Do They Work All The Time?

First, it’s important to be aware that these cars are not capable of driving themselves at all times. There will be times when they don’t work or when the tech is disabled. At times like this, they function like any other vehicle. When a car will drive itself largely depends on the brand and model you choose. Developers are working on fully autonomous vehicles, but they’ve been hitting some speed bumps. These cars haven’t been overly fond of pedestrians. Essentially, there are five different levels of self-driving vehicles and some are still hypothetical. The cars currently on the market tend to hover between Level 2 and 3. But there’s every hope that in the next couple of decades Level 5 self-driving vehicles will be developed. 

Are They Safer?

The big question surrounding self driving vehicles is whether they are a safer option compared to other possibilities. Some people even question whether they are the answer to designing the mythical ‘death-proof’ vehicle. 

Here’s what you need to know. Self-driving cars are safer but only if they are used in the right way. It’s best to treat them as vehicles that assist you if you want to avoid a car accident. Self driving vehicles have been involved in accidents in the past. This is usually because the driver in question wasn’t paying any attention to the road. As previously mentioned, in their current form these vehicles don’t allow that type of experience. You should still be watching for any hazards. 

Are There Any Downsides? 

You might think that there must be a catch when it comes to self-driving vehicles. Well, aside from the fact that they don’t always work and you need to keep both hands on the wheel, there’s one more issue to be aware of. That’s the cost. To get a self-driving car, you’ll need to spend about ten thousand more than you would on a typical vehicle. So, your mileage here will largely depend on whether you can justify adding that extra cost to your budget

You might be better off spending your money on a greener vehicle. These are more expensive too, but they will save you a lot of cash in the long term. As such, they could provide more value. 

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to know about self-driving vehicles and why they are important for both drivers as well as the entire car industry. Currently, the technology behind these vehicles is more limited than it might seem at first. But it’s quickly developing and before long the roads of the world could be radically different.


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