How to Make Your New Vehicle Truly Yours

Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago
Buying a vehicle, whether out of necessity or desire, is often an exciting experience. Searching around for used SUVs, trying out different makes and models, taking them for test drives, or simply sitting in the driver’s seat and getting a feel for the vehicle is something that can take many weeks or even months. Once you have found your ideal vehicle and brought it back home, you may want to personalize it a little more to show some of your personality. Here are some ways to do it. 

Personalized Number Plate
Having a personalized number plate is perhaps the most straightforward way to make your new vehicle truly yours. Whether it is brand new (and therefore has no ‘personality’) or used (and therefore may still have the personality of the previous owner attached), a set of personalized plates is ideal for changing how the vehicle looks and how you feel about it. 
You can choose almost anything for your plates, such as initials, your date of birth, something about your vehicle or where you live, or maybe a nickname. It’s easy to buy a plate like this online and could be the first step to ensuring your vehicle is totally unique and totally you. 
Adding stickers to your vehicle is a fun and inexpensive way to show your personality on your vehicle. You can usually find vehicle stickers in most gift shops, so if you have been for a day out somewhere and want to buy a souvenir, you can try this. After a while, you’ll have built up a nice collection of stickers on your vehicle that tells a story about what you like to do. 
Or you can buy stickers that reflect your favourite hobby, where you come from, or that just tell a funny joke. It’s your vehicle and your choice, so enjoy the hunt for fun stickers and pick them up wherever you can. Stickers come in a variety of different materials, so choose the one that will last the longest. 
Gear Stick Knob 
Did you know that you don’t have to keep the gear stick knob that came with the vehicle? You can swap it for another one – something that reflects your personality a bit more. You can choose all kinds of colors and shapes, designs and styles, and there should be something that works for you. Remember, not all gear sticks can be changed, so before you make your purchase, check that yours can. If not, you might choose to customise the mirrors, the pedals, the mats, or even the seats themselves instead. 
Dashboard Toys 
Take a look in any vehicle parts’ shop, and you’ll see shelves dedicated to small toys that you can place on the dashboard. Often cartoonish, these little characters might wobble in time to the vehicle’s movements, for example. They might even be made to hang from the rear view mirror. These can be great fun and really make your vehicle truly yours. Be careful when placing them so that they don’t obstruct your view, and you can have a great time collecting them as you go – plus, people will always know what to get you for Christmas. 


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